As a major local employer with deep roots in our community, we take our responsibilities to our customers, employees and the wider community seriously. We're passionate about making a positive contribution to people's lives through empowering our people and providing the opportunity for them to really help the people around them.

By acting responsibly, we can provide products and services that meet the needs of our customers, attract great talent to work for us, reduce our impact on our environment and work with local partnerships to address some of the challenges our communities face.

Europa Group is proud to be a Founder Member of The Lansdown Club, part of the Bristol Sport organisation, which seeks to inspire people through sport in Bristol and beyond.

In addition, Europa Group has a volunteer program in partnership with The Camphill Communities Trust, a leading, long established and progressive UK charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other support needs.

We also operate a number of initiatives to preserve our environment including recycling plastic, metal and cardboard waste, encouraging car sharing and an active staff engagement programme which generates ideas to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

We believe that providing the means and opportunity for our people to engage in worthy causes on our behalf develops them as individuals, improves the profile of our organisation and benefits our entire community.